NLP in Education

Many teachers and educators choose their careers because they want to help people.

They would like to make a difference. However, the daily grind of the system, red tape and compliance may get in the way.

Many teachers have studied NLP with us because it offers fast and effective tools to enhance learning, regulate emotions, improve focus and change behaviour.

NLP is focused on three areas:

  • Neuro: Learn how people think.
  • Linguistic: Learn influencing language as well as deep psychological understanding of other people’s communication.
  • Programming: How to influence results by adapting, changing, and creating thought process and behaviour.

For the astute teacher or educator, NLP offers insight into applied psychology, mindset protocols that change a person’s emotional state, and fast and effective tools that make teaching easier.

In this course you will receive:

  • Foundations of Positive Psychology
  • Building Rapport Unconsciously
  • Reading Human Physiology
  • Master Linguistics and Create Conversational Change
  • Story Telling and Metaphors for Groups
  • Applying Stimulus and Response to the Classroom
  • Minor State and Behaviour Change
  • Strategies Elicitation for Education
  • Releasing Negative Emotions
  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs
  • Goal Getting Formula
  • NLP in Education

You will also gain certification in NLP that is recognised by the NLPAA and the AHA.

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14 Day NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Jul 15, 2024
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Download a Course Information Pack HERE!