Which Course Should I Take?

Because these courses focus on the psychology of human behavioural change as well as the tools and techniques to achieve that, you can apply this to many things like:

  • Clinical & trauma informed coaching

  • Recovery coaching

  • Business coaching

  • Corporate training

  • Social work

  • Education

  • Addiction & habits

  • Working with children

  • Relationship coaching

  • Personal development

Anything that involves changing the way a person thinks this will apply for.

If you are unsure where to start, check out the video on discovering your journey below.

Find the right course for you

We've developed the 5-S Roadmap to help you achieve your dream of running your own coaching business. Click on the blocks below that best match your goals.

I want to work with…


Become a Coach

I want to be a motivational speaker and move a group of people to action

Master Speaking

Trainer & Speaker

I want to help groups of people create new behaviours or states

Master Sales

Personal Development Business

I want to be an Influential speaker & coach who transforms lives

Master Systems

1 to 1

Master Practitioner

I want to be able to help others change from negative thinking to positive thinking

Master Skills

Become a Coach

I want to be able to change behaviours of others  

Master Speaking

Trainer & Speaker

I want to become a professional coach and be paid to help others

Master Sales



I want to be more in control of my emotions & beliefs!

Master Self

Master Practitioner

I want to change a particular behaviour or feeling.

Master Skills

Become a Coach  

I want personal transformation in my life!

Master Speaking

Fast Change

Contextual Change

Transformational Change

What change do you want to make?…

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