Our NLP Graduates

What we are most proud of is our graduate’s success. When Justin started this business he intended to inspire the world to be a better place, one person at a time.

But, very quickly the gravity of making a difference on his own was overwhelming. In order to make a difference, he decided to give all of his knowledge away so that others can join the mission to improve the mental health of Australians.

These are the success stories of our graduates.

Graduates who chose NLP for Personal Development

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Bec Smith

Simply inspirational lady who shares her journey with Trauma and how NLP impacted her journey to recovery.

Brock McCormack

Sharing his story of gambling addiction to being free and wanting to help others so the same!

Graduates who chose NLP for Coaching and helping others

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H Widdup

H is using NLP and coaching to improve the people around her, her role, the staff and the tier 1 business he works for.

Kerry Bull

Changed her own life so much she decided to become a coach and help others do the same. Heartwarming story.

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Kate Radcliffe

Corporate Client

Justin has Inspired Growth and understanding in both my business and professional life since we met in 2010. He is always ready to share his knowledge to empower others, there is wonder his highly sought-after skills are in huge demand.

Karen O’Connor

NLP Practitioner

Justin has a no-nonsense and practical approach that makes difficult concepts easy to understand and his stories make his teachings relevant and relatable.

Brian Jones

NLP Practitioner

Awesome Team, awesome content in all 3 courses I have done,highly recommend I'd you wish to learn a lot about yourself and how to really help and coach others.

Joelene Laverick

NLP Coaching Client

Justin changes the way you think about yourself without trying to sell you anything extra. He helps you make the shift. A catalyst to success if you will and...you will. Recently, I spoke Infront of 30 professionals at BREC and I was actually able to function like a half normal person pre-presentation because of the work I had done at Inspired Results. Keep up the great work!

Phil Richardson

Diploma of Hypnosis & NLP

When I first met Justin O'Hehir and his team I was a complete trainwreck emotionally. I was so bad that I would lose the ability to withhold rational thought and I would not be in control in any way. That loss of control sometime rendered me unable to walk and even lose bowel and bladder control. I had dependencies on many medications fuelled with bouts of alcohol abuse. Nowadays I can say that I am mentally stronger fitter and healthier than I have ever been in my whole life.

Kerry Bull

Diploma of Hypnosis & NLP

After taking the course, I soon realised just how powerful the NLP and Timeline tools were. Not just for me but also family,friends and future clients. I could talk till the cows come home about the positive changes the techniques have given me!

Fiona Dyer

NLP Master Practitioner

Using the NLP tools I have learned, I started my own coaching business and the majority of my clients come to me for help with anxiety and through a combination of timeline, hypnosis and NLP we get such amazing results, it still gives me goosebumps every time!!!

Lisa Smith

Diploma of Hypnosis & NLP

Positive mindset and knowing what you want and grow from that is important. Justin's NLP Programs  are important for our future and especially our children's future