Choosing your NLP Trainer

Choosing a trainer can be hard since there are a lot out there and the quality, service, knowledge, support and even content can vary.

I know this because when I first decided to learn NLP, I spoke with a lot of trainers and not all would have supported me to become the best practitioner.

When I started Inspired Results NLP training, I wanted to make sure our graduates got the very best support, guidance, in room experience, education and post course support to ensure their success.

So - what should you look for in a trainer?

  1. How much experience of applying NLP does the trainer have? What are their coaching, consulting and clients saying about them? Ideally at least 5 years of coaching before becoming a trainer. This is the trainers depth of experience.
  2. What is the range of experience they have? Have they applied their knowledge in coaching, training, business, personal development, mental health, education? This is the trainers breadth of experience.
  3. Is the trainer certified with the board in the country that they practice? if you are in Australia, the board is the Neuro Linguistic Programming Association of Australia and trainers can be found here.
  4. Do they offer lifetime support? We are passionate about the results of our graduates and they will all assure you that any time you contact our office, pre or post the course that you will get the support you need.
  5. Do they offer lifetime resits? We offer this because we know that even the moist astute learner will gain more information be coming back and we welcome it at no charge!
  6. Ultimately, do you like the trainer? You will be sitting in front of them for a minimum of 7 days so you want to enjoy their company! 

If you are interested in learning NLP, then feel free to reach out to us anytime!