Why I fell in love with NLP.

I was in a messy place. An internal tsunami. A shadow of the person I had envisioned for myself.

I was stuck working in a job I hated but believed I couldn't do anything else and feeling on fire from the inside with anxiety.

My morning routine looked like this - snooze the alarm for half an hour. Give myself a pep talk, (but nobody else talk to me, I was a ticking time bomb that would explode at any time).

I knew that brushing my teeth was going to be a gauge on how the morning would pan out.

It would then continue on the drive to work - dry reaching in the car from being so anxious. But when I got to the door at work, it was game face on and it was soul draining.

I had sacrificed my own happiness and purpose to build a business for a company that didn’t even understand the department I was building.

I knew that something had to change because I couldn't continue living this way.

When I first went to a NLP practitioner course I didn’t even know what NLP was. I had witnessed a friends transformation and thought why not give it a go? To be honest, I had nothing to lose.

I knew something had to change so why not give it a shot. It was never my intention to become a coach or trainer.

7 days of NLP training (which completely changed my life)and I had found my path.

I resigned from my job that day after the training. I needed to share the tools I had learnt to empower people with the mindset and business tools for a better future.

5 and a bit years on after being booked 6 weeks in advance and having the privilege to work with hundreds on personal and business coaching clients it was time to train the NLP tools that I strongly believe in, I purchased Inspired Results Coaching Academy to continue to inspire the world to be a better place one person at a time.