What is NLP Coaching?

How NLP Coaching Can Help Clients Succeed.

Through this powerful set of methodologies and tools, NLP coaches work with individuals to understand what it is that they want, what is preventing them from achieving success and provides them with the necessary skills and strategies required to overcome obstacles, reach their goals and enjoy lasting change.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a form of psychotherapy that utilises language patterns, cognitive behavioral approaches and psycho-linguistics in order to create positive changes in an individual's life.

How does it work?

It works by teaching clients a variety of ways to think, behave and view the world that allows them to become more aware of their own capabilities as well as those of others.

The ultimate goal is to allow individuals to better understand their own behavior patterns, provide them with effective tools for addressing challenges, increase their self-confidence and ultimately achieve their desired outcomes.

Here are three key benefits of NLP coaching?

  1. NLP coaches help clients decide what they want. Often people know what they don't want but do not have a clear vision of where they want to be. An NLP coach works with a client to get clear on this.
  2. Remove limiting beliefs, emotions and uncertainty that is holding a person back like "I'm not good enough, I fear failure or I'm not sure if I can" so the client is left with confidence, positive emotions and a success mindset.
  3. An NLP Coach partners with a client to ensure they succeed at their goals.

What can an NLP Coach help with?

NLP coaches can help with a range of things. It mostly depends on their previous life experience and their passion as to where coaches apply their NLP Tools. For some people its performance enhancement, personal development, improving business, communication, mental illness, trauma recovery, education and training.

An NLP coach with the appropriate training and support can help with most things in life that require a new way of thinking or healing.

To find out more about becoming an NLP Coach, you can access our free training video on the 5 pillars you will need to become a successful coach.

About the author:

Justin O'Hehir is the head trainer and founder of Inspired Results, a company dedicated to improving the mindset and wellbeing of people though training change makers, educators, coaches, leaders and therapists how to make a positive impact on the lives of others.