What is Rapport in NLP?

Rapport in NLP is a process that involves appealing to a person's psyche to build rapport rather than trying to find common ground.

The basis of rapport is that when people are like each other, they like each other. When people are not like each other, they don't like each other.

In NLP, Rapport is matching and mirroring.

There are three elements that we match and mirror.

  • physiology
  • tone of voice
  • words

Matching and mirroring these three areas of communication allows us to be "like" that person and bypass any resistance they may have to us as a practitioner. It is a process of responsiveness, notnecessarily "liking." It is the ability to elicit responses.

Rapport is critical for any human interactions to be effective and when used in business, personal development, coaching, therapy, education or any form of communication.